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Live Studio
Zildjian A Custom Paiste
22” Ride 20” Dimensions Ride
14” Mastersound Hi Hats 14” Signature Sound Edge Hi Hats
18” Crash 17” Signature Mellow Crash
17”Crash 17” Signature Fast Crash
15” Crash 16” Signature Full Crash
12” Splash 15” Signature Mellow Crash
22” Oriental China Trash 11” Traditional Splash

Live Studio
With WideRange Pearl Masters Custom Series: Piano Black Lacquer Finish
Pearl Reference Series: Granite Sparkle Lacquer Finish 22x18 Bass Drum
22x18 Bass Drum 20x16 Bass Drum
10x8 Tom 18x16 Bass Drum
12x10 Tom 10x8 Tom
14x14 Floor Tom 12x9 Tom
16x16 Floor Tom 14x12 Floor Tom
14x5 Snare 16x14 Floor Tom
14x6.5 Pearl Steve Ferrone Signature Snare Drum
With Dennis Shepherd Group 14x5.5 Pearl Sensitone Steel
Pearl Masters Retrospec Series: Amethyst Finish 14x5.5 Gretsch Steel (Early Eighties StopSign Badge)
22x18 Bass Drum 14x5.5 Gretsch Wood Snare (Late fifties Round Badge)
12x9 Tom 12x5.5 Pearl Sensitone Steel Power Piccolo
16x16 Floor Tom 14x4 Pearl Maple Piccolo
14x6.5 Snare  

Percussion And Sound Effects

I have a huge arsenal of percussion and sound effects for any studio or live project that needs a percussive edge or simply a little detail to the overall sound. Everything from ethnic hand drums, to metallic sound effects and gongs, to orchestral timpani and mallet keyboard percussion is available to make the music happen.

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